I began writing a series of books, 'The Nut Shop Years', to record my memories of a great time in my life.


 When the first book in the series, The Nut Shop, was published I was overwhelmed by the response. Good reviews began to appear on Amazon and readers contacted me to ask if a sequel was planned.

"I just wanted to stay in the Nut Shop world and was disappointed when the book ended..."  E.S.R.

The second book in the series, Gathering Nuts, was released in November 2015, and the third book is in progress.

I have received many lovely messages from readers telling me that they love the humour  and warmth in my writing.

"Reading Gathering Nuts was like bumping into an old friend and having a catch up and a good giggle..."


For me, this is the inspiration to write. Reading has always been a joy in my life, and has often lifted my spirits when I have needed to escape for a while. I would love my writing to do the same for others.

I was born in 1963 and grew up in Newcastle. I loved books and a lot of my childhood was spent in Woollies searching the stationery shelves for note books to fill with stories.

At secondary school, fuelled by my ambition to be a writer, I persuaded my English teacher to permit me to publish a school newspaper. Its popularity boosted my confidence, and the paper ran for three years despite being filled with spelling mistakes and inaccuracies. (Wish I'd kept a copy!)

Over the years I kept diaries and journals and amassed a large collection of half written stories as I moved from job to job, dabbling in buying and selling antiques. In 1992, my sister Lorraine and I opened 'Nutmeg Wholefoods' and the Nut Shop Years began.

"It made me laugh and cry and by the end I felt as though I knew the characters personally."


Many readers have joined The Nut Shop family - discover the Nut Shop Years for yourself - try a sample below.

Read the first two chapters of The Nut Shop here

Read the first chapter of Gathering Nuts here 


Download your copy of The Nut Shop or order a paperback here

Download your copy of Gathering Nuts or order a paperback here 

"Reading The Nut Shop was like eating a luscious fruit. I took a bite and slowly the most delicious textures and flavours flowed out."



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